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          ABOUT US

          For 17 years we have been helping organizations develop rich and comprehensive asset management software system content.

          The success of a client’s asset management software (EAM, CMMS, ERP) system begins with theirmaster data sets.

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          “Behind every successful asset management software implementation is great content.”

          OUR APPROACH

          To every client engagement we bring the industry’s most comprehensive asset management software data library.

          Our data library jump starts the client development effort and is built on industry proven ISO standards. Our data library helps clients implement faster and provides the assurance that their asset management software system is built on a rock solid foundation.

          Naming conventions, nomenclature standards, classification schemes, coding warehouses for work (types, classes, priorities, etc.), materials management (return to storeroom, cycle count, etc.) and purchasing functions (vendor performance, etc.), data structures

          “Kick start your reliability initiative with our equipment based Problem, Failure, Action Library. Contact us for a free demo”

          OUR SERVICES

          We work with our clients in two ways. We can help you design your master data sets, provide a blueprint for your organization to execute, or we can design and execute database development activities. Do it all. A few of the content services we offer…

          • Equipment walk-down and identification
          • MRO materials storeroom walk-down and identification
          • Best practice work order code development
          • Equipment database design and hierarchy development
          • MRO supply chain code development


          Keep in touch with Us


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